Awards for "efforts to conserve the Iberian lynx"


Annually held an awards ceremony in order to distinguish between all sectors involved in the conservation of lynx and projects, initiatives, activities and dedication that have made outstanding improve conservation of the world's most endangered cat.







- Sociedad de cazadores de Villamanrique. Club deportivo de cazadores Mure. (Villamanrique de la Condesa-Sevilla)


- D. Gemán Gervás. Finca Los Escoriales. (Sierra de Andujar-Jaén)


- C.D.P Santa María de Guadalupe. D. Pedro Cruz Acevedo. (Córdoba)


- Dª Mª Dolores Barasona Costi. Finca Dehesa Navas del Moro. (Guadalmellato-Córdoba)


- D. José Barasona Mata. Finca La Calera. (Guadalmellato-Córdoba)


- Dª Mª Victoria Martinez Eguilaz. Finca Nava Llanas. (Guadalmellato-Córdoba) 





- Sociedad de Cazadores de Bonares
- Manuela Von Arx

By maintaining a comprehensive compendium of information on large carnivores and a special section for the Iberian lynx.

Available in several languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese)

By promoting the dissemination of information on a large scale through the Internet and facilitate understanding of the big cats and especially the lynx threatened a large number of people.

By serving as a resource where you can find detailed information about the Iberian lynx and other endangered carnivores. 

- IES Los Batanes (Viso del Marqués)
Ana Villegas is a professor of Biology at the IES Los Batanes, Viso del Marqués (Ciudad Real).


In December 2008 they were very interested in Education Campaign Life Project Wildcat. Ecologists in Action Andalusia acted in 3 groups of high school and a total of 57 alumnos.Posteriormente became involved in the project: What can we do about the Wildcat?, Developed and offered by Ecologists in Action in Education Campaign Life Project Lince. Investing 9 hours of instruction in February 2009 to conduct a survey to its neighbors, analyze and draw conclusions for further drafting a press release and a letter to the Minister for the Environment of Ciudad Real.


The situation of Viso del Marqués is a strategic point when the reintroduction of the lynx in Guarrizas it is carried out in Ciudad Real.


The interest shown by the institute and particularly by Prof. Ana Villegas and 4th during high school, is worthy of being recognized, considering that they are not in the area covered by the project and the information that reaches them is scarce .


 2007 GRANTS




-Workers from the Municipal Enterprise for the Disabled Job Placement (EMILAD). Almonte (Huelva)

-D. Javier Gisbert. Finca Barranco de San Miguel (Andujar- Jaén)

-CEIP San Sebastián. La Puebla del Río (Sevilla).






-Dª Carmen y Dª Teresa Noguera Espinosa.

-Agrícola, Forestal y Comercial Santa María S.L. Santa María.

-D. Daniel Morales Domíguez. Guarda Mayor de Valdelagrana.

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