Mediterranean scrubland background



El monte mediterraneo 2


The most representative ecosystem of the Iberian Peninsula is characterised by a very drought hardy perennial vegetation, with predominant low scrubland alternating with a singular variety of tree species. Holm oak and cork tree, along with wild olive, Portuguese oak, mesquite, etc., are the main types of trees in this type of forest. Beneath these flourish aromatic plants such as rosemary, sage, lavender, strawberry trees, Mastic trees, labdanums, etc.
The importance of this type of forest, in addition to generating goods and services, is its biodiversity, contributing not only economic profit, but also added value that generates even richer profits. It is in this ecosystem where some of the more emblematic of our fauna live, the black vulture, the imperial eagle and of course, the Iberian lynx.

The economic value of the Mediterranean mountains can be reported focusing on the exploitation and traditional uses, which are increasing because of a series of functions that greatly surpass the productive functions, and which are increasingly more valued: recreational use, biodiversity and landscape conservation, carbon sequestering and other functions that do not have direct economic compensation, but rather of another kind.

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