Public awareness


Activities to inform about the progress of the Proyect


El Gato Clavo: Monthly bulletin in pdf format, available on the Web and sent via e-mail to the distribution list. Information about the latest Project happenings and everything regarding Iberian Lynx conservation efforts.


InfoLince points of information: A corkboard and a brochure box located in strategic locations for maximum circulation. Updated monthly with the most relevant information about the project.


Lynx LIFE Project Web page. Maintaining an accessible, attractive, updated and decisive Web page where documents and images, etc. can be downloaded. In addition there is the option of communicating with the Project Management via e-mail.


Travelling Exhibition "Our Great Cat." Made up of 8 informational panels that travel throughout the four Andalusian provinces with lynx populations to inform people about the situation of this species and actions that are being taken for their conservation. If you are interested you may request it here: (enter a link or request form)


Press releases.


Publication of reports and documents.


Project outreach materials: posters, stickers and others.



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Awareness raising activities and environmental education


Different activities are programmed throughout the duration of the project:


Outreach campaigns in the areas of current lynx distribution and future areas of reintroduction. Adapted to the different audiences: Educational sector, rural sector, Administrative, tourism sector.


European campaigns: GreenDays, in commemoration of the World Environment Day.


Special activities


Editing didactic materials for different audiences.



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Participatory activities


International Seminars on Iberian Lynx and wild rabbit conservation efforts.


Annual contests for school children.


Annual Recognition for Lynx conservation.


Environmental Volunteerism in Sierra Morena and Doñana.


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