Lynx LIFE Team



• Manager.

• Technical Coordinator.

• Field Technicians: There are three tracking patrols working in each of the lynx areas, a team in the Do§ana Region, another in the province of Cordoba and another in the province of Jaen.

• Outreach Technicians: There are two people dedicated to Environmental Education, one located in Do§ana, and another in Sierra Morena.

• Reintroduction Technician.

• Veterinarian team.

• Highway tracking technician.

• Support technician.

• Field action tracking technician.

• Management Team.


The relationship between the entire Lynx LIFE Team and the project partners is managed through the Tracking Committee.


Technical meetings





The "Tracking Committee" is comprised of the Project Management representing the Department of the Environment, the partners, the co-financing agency and some collaborating agencies, such as the Do§ana Biological Station and the Iberian Lynx Captive Breeding Centres.
This committee meets quarterly and fulfils a function of information, consultation, evaluation and tracking project development, with the idea of coordinating all of its actions, by the beneficiary as well as the partners, as well as to determine certain actions to be implemented by mutual consensus.
Similarly, it was decided that a Committee of experts in reintroduction and reinforcement would be created to advise and support decision making in all matters relating to lynx reintroduction, a species for which this type of process has never been carried out. 





The main functions of this committee will consist of facilitating decision making, adopting complementary measures or exchanging information from experiences through external support, which helps the Department of the Environment to implement reinforcement and reintroduction.
This "Reintroduction and remediation advisory committee" will be comprised of a multidisciplinary team made up of people of recognised prestige in the fields of study on carnivores, biology of the species, animal conservation, relocation of threatened species, members of universities and the IUCN, etc., whose experience can contribute various options in the aspects necessary for the project to continue to evolve.
The operation of this committee is via a network system, through a distribution list linked to this Web. Thus the suggestions from it will be analysed by the Project Director and the technicians in charge of reintroduction and reinforcement, in order to adopt the most appropriate measures and solutions, and the members will remain informed of developments at all times.




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